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Anti Viral Protection

As an authorised BROMOCO Applicator, our team here at High Clean work around the Basingstoke area to provide anti viral protection to businesses. We use the TOUCH Anti-microbial Coating Systems available to ensure that your factory or workplace stays protected. This coating is virtually invisible and works to protect against not just bacteria but also fungi, moulds and other organisms. It works by providing an almost built-in protection for items and is expected to last for its entire lifetime.

This unique anti viral protection was developed between world leaders BROMOCO and chemists and microbiologists, creating a special substance which can prevent the survival and growth of a variety of microbes.

For more details about the anti viral protection services we provide around the Basingstoke area, please call us today on 01256 328581.

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What is Anti-microbial Coating?

Developed as a ground-breaking approach to anti viral protection, BROMOCO’s TOUCH coating is unique and perfect for many different settings. As it provides long term anti-microbial protection, the coating is a first of its kind. We all recognise anti-bacterial as a term however this approach is different. Rather than only protecting against bacteria, it also prevents the development and growth of fungus, mould and more.

It works by combining with silver ions on a material surface to create a protective layer. This will then work to stop any microbes that contact it from reproducing by interrupting the normal cell function. As a result, any harmful cells will die rather than develop.

There are several versions of this, each offering their own benefits. EVB23309B, which is their restoration and protection option, will work to resist the growth of moss lichens, algae and mould. EVB23309B protects surfaces from acids, bird droppings, UV degradation and bleach and can work to restore the original colour of items. Finally, EVB23309E is also able to provide more than 10 years’ worth of protection.

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What It Protects Against

There are several different microbes that anti viral protection has been shown to protect against. These include the following:

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How Does It Compare Against Traditional Cleaning?

There are some major differences between TOUCH and traditional cleaning methods. Whether you realise it or not, sometimes traditional approaches can cause contamination to be forced deeper into a surface. This is because the bacteria and other harmful microbes are left to breed underneath the surface.

However, as TOUCH anti-microbial coating creates a secure protection layer, nothing can reach beneath the surface. It will add 3 to 5 microns of subsurface protection to metal surfaces and prevent and offers years of wear.

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Touch Coating and Coronavirus

With the recent pandemic, BROMOCO has been asked by customers about whether the TOUCH technology works against Coronavirus.

Following testing for feline Coronavirus (not COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 strain), they have been able to determine that the coating was proven effective with a 90% reduction in a 2-hour time frame against this strain. This was tested according to the BS ISO 21702:2019 standard.

Whilst this can’t be used to definitively say whether the coating can protect surfaces against COVID-19, it does show that TOUCH coating does provide a high level of protection against other strains within the Coronavirus family. There have also been tests carried out on effectiveness against the H1N1 Influenza Virus, with this determining that a 99.99% reduction in particles took place.

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If you would like more details about the anti viral protection we offer for businesses around the Basingstoke area, please call us on 01256 328581 or fill in our contact form.

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