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Junes Trees

High Cleans June Tree Planting, the numbers are going up

We also had a great update from our Green Company on the great work they do, so copied that below so you can all read it



We are now back in the office after presenting the International CSR Excellence Awards and the Beautiful Buildings Green Apple trophies in St Paul’s Cathedral, and your latest tree-planting certificate is attached.


Our winning guests travelled from all around the world, but of course we planted more than enough trees to offset the carbon footprint created by those journeys.


We are always looking for other ways to make a positive impact and we got to talking with some of our hot country winners about their problems with desertification.


The trees we plant help to prevent desertification as the roots improve the soil and reduce erosion, but we learned about another way that nature looks after itself in those regions.


Many of them rotate animals and crops on the same land, learning from nature.  Herding animals find safety from predators in larger numbers and, as they move around, they eat the vegetation and their manure is mixed into the ground by their hooves.


The result is that herbivore herds maintain fertile natural meadows and support the germination of diverse habitats of grasses, flowers, herbs and trees.


If they had no predator risk, the animals would scatter more widely and have a much less beneficial effect on the terrain.


So – predators and poo!  They work together to help save the planet.

Who knew?

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