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OCT 23 Tree Planting Certificate

A little interesting bit of news from the Green Organisation


Trees have certainly been hitting the headlines in recent weeks – such as the 300-year-old ‘Robin Hood’ tree on Hadrian’s Wall that was

deliberately felled.    A replacement sapling has quickly been planted –

now we just have to wait 300 years to see if it matches the beauty and heritage of the original.


Trees also made the news when a survey claimed ‘Planting trees may harm the environment’.


Read a little deeper into the report and it actually says if trees of only one type are planted en masse in one area, they will not provide the biodiversity needed to help the environment.  Well, that’s not news really is it, and I hope they didn’t spend a lot of research funding to reach that conclusion.


You can rest assured that the trees we plant on your behalf include a wide variety of specimens, with many of them producing fruit and nuts for the benefit of humans as well as wildlife.  Keep up the good work!

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