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Why Hiring A Regular Carpet Cleaning Service is Important

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Regular carpet cleaning is actually very important. Carpets carry all sorts of things that hide deep down inside the fibres such as dust, allergens and bacteria. While regular vacuuming and spot cleaning helps with the keeping up of appearance, professional cleaning will help extend its life. We know that keeping on top of household cleaning can be difficult, and sometimes carpets never get a second thought other than rolling a vacuum over it.

High Clean provide a professional carpet cleaning service for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. In this blog, we are showing you the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

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Prevents The Spread Of Bacteria And Allergens

While it’s easier to vacuum your carpet, it will only remove dirt from the surface. If you have pets, you know just how much they shed, and if someone with pet allergies enters your house, it can make it difficult for them to breathe.

Over time, the collection of dirt and bacteria can cause your carpet to deteriorate, and release airborne particles. This then also poses the risk of exposing you and your family to pollutants. If toxic particles enter your body, these can cause a number of health problems to you, your children, or the elderly. While vacuuming helps reduce dust mites, professional carpet cleaning services have specially formulated shampoos that reach deep down into the fibres. These ensure that your carpet is rid of any bad bacteria that may harm you.

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Improved Appearance

Having your carpet professionally cleaned will improve its look and feel. As the dirt and dust builds up, it releases oils which can make it look matted and flat. Regular cleaning prevents the dirt from tearing at the carpets’ fibres and makes it look and feel softer, and it also helps extend its life.

Carpets are expensive, so it is important that you protect your investment and take good care of them. Daily maintenance and regular cleaning will also ensure that your carpet stays fresh and full of life, making it worth every penny.

Eliminates Stains

Professional carpet cleaners use a hot water method to remove tough stains such as wine, ink, dirt and mud. This means that you will no longer have to worry about trying to cover up ugly spots when you have guests.

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Prevents Mould Growth

If your property has high humidity levels, standing water will begin to soak into your carpet and encourage the growth of mould, causing breathing problems. A professional cleaning service includes a drying service, removing any remaining moisture and previous mould while preventing any future growth.

Improves Working Environment

The cleanliness of a workspace can impact an employees’ performance. A clean work environment improves productivity and morale. It also appeals to clients and visitors. A dirty workspace can be distracting and harmful to peoples’ health, and if your office is full of carpet, it is very important you hire a regular carpet cleaning service. Throughout the day, people bring in all kinds of bacteria from the outdoors off their shoes. If you combine that with the potential lunchtime spillage, you’ve got yourself a bacterial breeding ground. Regular cleaning will help your office maintain a professional appearance and protect your staff.

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