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Why Gutter Clearance & Cleaning Is Important

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Although it may not appear to damage your property, failing to clear and clean your gutter could be detrimental. As it doesn’t always affect the appearance of your property, many people fail to maintain the condition of their gutters. However, gutter clearance and cleaning has vital importance to property owners.

High Clean provide gutter clearance and cleaning for all commercial and industrial properties. We prevent your gutter becoming blocked and damaged with regular maintenance.

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Gutter Cleaning or Clearing?

Gutter cleaning and gutter clearing are two different things. Doing one of them doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the other. To ensure your gutter is in the best possible condition and your gutter system maintains the best performance, you should always complete both gutter cleaning and gutter clearing.

Gutter clearing refers to simply cleaning out any debris and materials that have built up within the gutter. Depending on the surroundings of your gutter and the quality of your drainage system, blockages may be quite rare. However, in bad weather, it is still important to have gutter clearing, preventing any damage and expensive repairs being needed.

For businesses and industrial properties, keeping your gutters clean is essential to create a good impression on you and the property. Not only does gutter cleaning improve the appearance of your gutter, this should also improve the durability of your gutter as they are regularly cleaned, preventing the wear of gutters.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Gutter?

How often you should clean your gutter can vary depending on your weather conditions and the surroundings of your gutter. For the majority of people, gutter clearance and cleaning should be done twice a year. This will be beneficial to the gutter and drainage system, ensuring it remains in good condition and your gutter actually does its job in draining all liquids.

Failing to have regular gutter cleaning could lead to extremely expensive repairs, especially if your gutter eventually needs a complete replacement. Even if this means simply removing leaves and twigs from your gutter, in the long term this could be very cost-effective for the majority of property owners.

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Problems With Dirty Gutters

If you don’t care too much about how your drainage system works, leaving the gutter and drainage to continue being blocked could seem like a viable solution. However, there are many other poor features that a dirty gutter will bring to your property. In addition to potentially ruining your property’s exterior and wearing the appearance, dirty gutters also act as a breeding ground for pests and critters.

Furthermore, if you choose not to clean your gutter, this will only spread throughout the rest of your property, damaging your fascias, also causing water spillages due to liquid and debris build-up. In extreme conditions with cold temperatures, any blocked water could also freeze, ruining your gutter and cracking the foundations.

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Use Professional Cleaners

Although some elements of the process can be completed yourself, using professional gutter cleaners is often the best option for your property. Whilst you may clear the gutter momentarily, you could still be at risk of the gutter becoming damaged, leading to expensive repairs.

Professional cleaners will make sure your gutter is left in the best possible condition after clearance and cleaning. Regular cleaning improves the durability and lifespan of your gutter, maintaining the appearance of your gutter and preventing damage to any area of your property.

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